Daily Devotional
You Can’t Drown God’s Holy Word

“‘But the word of the LORD endures forever.’ Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you.”

1 Peter 1:25

Ponder This

There was a Scottish missionary named Alexander Duff who set sail for Holland in 1829. He had all his belongings on board, and the ship was wrecked. Alexander Duff and the others got to shore safely, but everything on board the ship went down. After they made it to shore, they were standing and watching to see if there was something that might wash ashore from the ship, something they might save. Duff, being a missionary, wanted his books, and he had taken eight hundred selected books.

After a while, they saw something bobbing along the shore and moving closer and closer. The only thing that survived out of the entire shipwreck was Duff's Bible. All the other volumes had gone to the bottom, but there was the Word of God still afloat. What a parable. Books come and books go, but you can't drown God's holy Word. “The Word of the Lord endures forever.”

  • How have you seen the reality that God’s Word outlasts the knowledge and wisdom of people?
  • How can you prioritize the Word of God over other sources of knowledge in daily life?

Practice This

Spend time today taking in the wisdom of God revealed through His Word.

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