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Love Worth Finding Media: Television

Effective November 1, 2019, Love Worth Finding has appointed Eaglecom Marketing as Agency of Record. By this we authorize all media outlets to deal with Eaglecom on all contracts for the Love Worth Finding broadcast as of this date. Eaglecom will be contacting you in the very near future.  

If you wish to connect with Eaglecom Marketing immediately, feel free to contact Donna Jones at donna@eaglecom.ca or 972-824-8449.

Para EL AMOR QUE VALE sírvase contactar nuestra sede al escribirnos a eaqv@lwf.org o llamarnos al número +901-382-7900.

All information on this site will remain updated and available through the end of 2019.

Television Schedule

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On Television

On air:  Triumph of the Lamb

Television Program Descriptions

November 2019



4419 - The Decisions of the Living and the Destiny of the Dead
104519 - When God Says No


4619 - The Grace of Giving
244719 - What to Do When You Don't Feel Thankful

Television Program Descriptions

December 2019


4819 - His Unequaled Birth
84919 - His Unblemished Life
155019 - His Undiminished Deity

225119 - His Unequestioned Lordship

295219 - Crossing God's Deadline

Television Promotions 


Each tape contains a generic 30 second "Promo" that provides room for "tagging" of station call letters and LWF program airtime by the station before placing in rotation.

Television Formats


Love Worth Finding produces a 28:30 TV broadcast each week. We consider this a “mini” worship service with preaching and an invitation for viewers to ask Christ into their hearts. It is a labor of love to present the powerful preaching of Adrian Rogers to our world each week.

Many of these anointed sermons were up to 40-45 minutes long and our goal is to provide as much teaching as possible from each message, each week. This means that for this ½ hour version, there will be, periodically, messages that we "split", allowing us to provide all of the anecdotal, practical, and biblical points over a two-week period. We “clean edit” for time, leaving in the biblical teaching so that each Sunday can, whether split or not, stand alone as a call to worship, discipleship, evangelism and salvation. Frankly, our hope and belief is that your viewers will come away from each week's program with practical, biblical teaching for everyday living and not even realize any editing has taken place!

Television Delivery


Love Worth Finding's weekly television program is delivered to stations via FTP each week. Those stations not able to receive a file-based delivery of the program may request a DVD of the program.

Each week's program will arrive approximately 2 to 3 weeks in advance of airdate, whether delivered by FTP or DVD. Our broadcast calendar week is based on a Sunday through Saturday week. The date for the broadcast will be clearly marked on the FTP file or the DVD. DVDs do not need to be returned.


Love Worth Finding does not provide back-up TV programs. Should your program not arrive at least one week in advance, you should call Eaglecom Marketing immediately so that we can overnight one to you.

Daystar Promos

Each zip file contains a :15 and a :30 promo for each timezone.