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December on Television

On air in December: Our Coming King

Television Schedule

December 2017

34917 - The Secret Of Satisfaction
105017 - The Wisdom Of Christmas (Part 1)
175117 - The Wisdom Of Christmas (Part 2)
245217 - The Biography Of The King (Part 1)
245317 - The Biography Of The King (Part 2)

November 2017

5 4517 - Families That Choose Life
12 4617 - The Key To A Magnificent Marriage
19 4717 - Integrity: Don't Leave Home Without It
26 4817 - Truth Or Consquences

Television Promotions


Each tape contains a generic 30 second "Promo" that provides room for "tagging" of station call letters and LWF program airtime by the station before placing in rotation.

Television Formats


Love Worth Finding produces a 28:30 TV broadcast each week. We consider this a “mini” worship service with music, preaching, and invitation for viewers to ask Christ into their hearts. It is a labor of love to present the powerful preaching of Adrian Rogers to our world each week. 

Many of these anointed sermons were 40 to 45 minutes long, but for this ½ hour version, we "split" the messages allowing us to provide all the anecdotal, practical, and biblical points over a two-week period. Frankly, our hope and belief is that your viewer will come away from each week's program with practical, biblical teaching for everyday living and not even realize they have missed anything!

Love Worth Finding's weekly television program is delivered to stations each week through the mail on several media types:

  • Beta SP
  • DVCPro
  • DVD-R

Television Delivery


Each week's program will arrive approximately 2 to 3 weeks in advance of airdate. Our broadcast calendar week is based on a Sunday through Saturday week. The date for the broadcast will be clearly marked on the tape box. All tapes should be returned to Love Worth Finding at the station's expense. If you would like to save them up and send in bulk, library rate, that is completely acceptable. DVDs do not need to be returned.


Love Worth Finding does not provide back-up TV programs. Should your program not arrive at least one week in advance, you should call Cordova Media immediately so that we can overnight one to you.

Television Specials


LWF prepares programs with seasonal emphasis. You’ll notice that seasonal program themes are scheduled for traditional holidays like Easter, Christmas, July 4th, etc…. Check the LWF TV schedule drop-down for more specific information or contact us today.