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Love Worth Finding Media: Radio

Effective November 1, 2019, Love Worth Finding has appointed Eaglecom Marketing as Agency of Record. By this we authorize all media outlets to deal with Eaglecom on all contracts for the Love Worth Finding broadcast as of this date. Eaglecom will be contacting you in the very near future.

If you wish to connect with Eaglecom Marketing immediately, feel free to contact Donna Jones at donna@eaglecom.ca or 972-824-8449.

All information on this site will remain updated and available through the end of 2019.

Radio Schedule

This Month's Featured Series

Critical Issues of Our Time

These are indeed dangerous days in which we live and the sands of time are running low for this generation. We are rapidly approaching the end of an age and this world is on a collision course with judgment and disaster. Our Lord is not surprised by these conditions, and He has given us the answers for these critical issues long before they were ever brought to the forefront. In this album, Adrian Rogers addresses twelve critical issues each of us faces. Examine each issue with an open Bible to reveal God's plumb line for your life.

Radio Promotions

Monthly Promos and Treasures from the Word

Each month, we prepare a set of :30 second "theme specific" promos for that month's programming topic as well as a daily :90 second feature from Dr. Adrian Rogers. They are available from the Am-Bos receiver www.amb-os.com or Manual FTP Download. Click the Radio Delivery page for information on how to receive these feeds.

Download November Treasures List

Download November Live U.S. Announcer Liners

Download December Treasures List

Download December Live U.S. Announcer Liners

Radio Formats

LWF's English programming is available in varying lengths:

Non-Commercial - 25 Minute (Download Sample Program)

This version is the primary offering most US stations broadcast. It is a solid 25 Minute program with no breaks, provides a premium in lieu of a donation, and a collection of messages or series of messages for a reduced price. The price is never mentioned.

International - 24 Minute Weekday (Download Sample Program)

This version is the same programming offered in the United States with two major exceptions:
  • It contains no sale offers or donation premiums.
  • It is only 24 minutes long instead of 25 minutes.

"Treasures from the Word" - 90 Second Daily Feature (Download Sample)

This is the daily 90 Second feature from Dr. Adrian Rogers that features stories, anecdotes, and biblical application from God's Word. Each feature provides 5 to 7 seconds at the end with music bed underneath for the local station to provide the actual time that the full length LWF program airs on that station. It is designed to enhance your Christian programming and promote the LWF daily program as well.

PROMOS - 30 Second Daily promos for English Program Promotion

LWF provides thematic 30 second promos for each week's programming. To be effective, these audio promos require local tags for the LWF program station call letters and airtime. You can download the programs from FTP or Satellite. See radio delivery for details.

Radio Delivery

SATELLITE DELIVERY (Amb-OS Program Listings)

Love Worth Finding Programming is now delivered by satellite through the Ambassador’s Amb-OS receiver! Officially, the receiver is the AMR-100. You can receive all the LWF formats and program options through this delivery system. These would include:

25 Minute Weekday
25 Minute Weekend
90 Second Daily “Treasures from the Word” Feature
24 Minute International
25 Minute Weekday Spanish “El Amor Que Vale”

If you have the receiver, and want to receive programming, call AMB-OS at 1-877-AMB-OS-2U (1-800-262-6728), give them your station call letters and the programming you would like delivery daily to your station. Then, consider it done! It will be ready for you each day….guaranteed!

For more information about AMB-OS, click the following links:



If you would prefer to use manual FTP for your primary delivery system or even as a back up to Amb-OS, you can download all of the LWF format options through the Focus on the Family Satellite FTP site. Simply call or contact LWF and we will provide the User Code and Password you will need to download the program using WAV files.

CANADIAN Listeners

Effective 2/17/19, Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers will no longer be broadcasting over the air in Canada.  Canadian listeners to LWF can receive daily email programs by subscribing here.