Bringing people to Christ
and maturing them in faith

Sermon Outlines

Is Jesus God?

Matthew 27:22 (RA-2181, Program: 3818, Air date: 09.23.18) INTRODUCTION In Matthew 27:22, Jesus is on the trial before Pilate. In this passage, Jesus stood before Pilate. One day, Pilate will stand before Jesus. The question Pilate asked in Matthew 27:22 is the same question before each of us today: what will I do with Jesus? This is a personal question – it isn’t what someone else w... Read More

Can an intellectual believe in God?

Psalm 19 (RA-1866, Program: 3618, Air date: 09.09.18) INTRODUCTION Psalm 19:1-6 God has spoken Anybody who wants to believe in God can believe in God. Unbelief is not due to intellectual difficulties but rather moral difficulties. Unbelief never comes out of the head but rather out of the heart. Psalm 14:1 THERE IS THE DECLARATIO... Read More

Why I Believe In Jesus Christ

John 6:66-69 (RA-1869, Program: 3518, Air date: 09.02.18) INTRODUCTION (John 6:66-69) Jesus had just fed the 5,000 with a few fishes and loaves. Many followed Jesus because of the miracles He performed.  But when Jesus preached a challenging message to them, the multitudes began to leave Him. If you turn from Jesus, where will you go? Will you turn to atheism? The intelligencia of the a... Read More

Treasuring Truth

Treasuring Truth Proverbs 23:23 (RA-2242, Program: 3418, Air date: 08.26.18) INTRODUCTION We have substituted facts for truth. Facts are like a recipe, and truth is like the meal. Knowledge increases. Daniel 12:4 Truth stays the same. Satan’s chief tool is a lie because it is antithetical to the truth. John 8:44 PRIZE THE TRUTH Truth is indispensable. ... Read More

How To Make Your Bible Come Alive

Psalm 119 (RA-2146, Program: 3318, Air date: 08.19.18) INTRODUCTION If we do not know, love, understand, practice and obey the Word of God, we will not be victorious Christians. If it is true that knowledge is power, then we need the knowledge of the Word of God in order to have spiritual power. Proverbs 23:7 Each verse in Psalm 119 deals with the Word of God so that we might know and understand His... Read More