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Adrian Rogers Treasury

If you’re a pastor or teacher, Bible student, or anyone who enjoys and benefits from the preaching ministry of Adrian Rogers, LWF introduces an indispensable new collection of audio sermons, sermon transcripts, and sermon outlines—the Adrian Rogers Treasury. Conveniently compiled on USBs, it’s an essential library of Bible teaching and resources and a treasure trove of truth.

Seven volumes on USB available, with two more coming soon, at $99 each:

Old Testament Transcripts (ART01)

New Testament Transcripts (ART02)

The Old and New Testament transcripts are organized by books of the Bible.

Special Audio Sermons and Sermon Notes (ART03)

These sermons are a collection of Wednesday messages on the Book of Daniel, the Tabernacle, and the Book of Romans. Also included are Dr. Rogers’ sermons preached at the Southern Baptist Convention. Plus, there is a small assortment of Dr. Rogers’ sermon notes.

The Merritt Island Years (ART04)

Over 400 sermons from Dr. Rogers' time at First Baptist Church, Merritt Island, Florida.

Bellevue from August 2005-March 1999 (ART05)

Bellevue from February 1999-September 1992 (ART06)

Bellevue from August 1992-March 1997 (ART07)

Each Bellevue volume contains over 225 Sunday messages.