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Faith In Jesus ... Not Faith In Faith

The devil wants to make you doubt your salvation.

The Object of Our Faith

Some people say faith moves mountains. That is not true. God moves mountains.

Living by Faith

Everything thing we have pertaining to our salvation and sanctification are gifts from God by faith.

Faith ... a Gift from God

Faith is a gift from God, but does that mean if God gives faith that we are going to automatically believe?

Making Good Time on the Wrong Road

The worst form of badness is human goodness if human goodness keeps you from salvation.

Saved or Lost?

To be saved is man's greatest need.

Transformation ... Not Substitution

God is building His saints with spiritual steel.

God's Fire of Affliction

God is going to put every child of His into the fire of affliction. Why?

Conversion Brings Conflict

If there is no conflict in your life, then you and the devil are traveling in the same direction.

The Life of Jesus

There has never been a man like the Lord Jesus. How holy, how pure, how sinless is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Restoring a Brother

A brother can be restored. That is good news!

The Days of Noah - Part 2

The same sins that produced the flood in Noah's time are being committed once again in today's society.

The Days of Noah - Part 1

As it was in the days of Noah, so it is going to be just before Jesus returns.

Noah... Saved By Grace

How was Noah saved? By grace. The only way that anybody has ever been saved in the history of the world is by grace.

Jesus... The Ark of Safety - Part 2

If people don't believe in security down here, how are they going to have security in Heaven?

Jesus... The Ark of Safety - Part 1

God wants us to be saved so much that He gives illustrations all through the Bible about it.

God Rebukes His Children

Can a child of God sin? Yes. Can a child of God sin and not suffer?

Failing at the Point of Strength

If you study the great men of God in the Bible, you will discover that they failed at their point of strength, not weakness.

Eternal Security of the Believer

Have you ever known anybody that has been born twice physically?

Being Born Again

Nicodemus, an influential Pharisee and a ruler of the Sanhedrin, asked Jesus this question:

Growing In Times of Despair - Part 2

God is not nearly as interested in making you happy and healthy, as He is in making you holy.

Growing In Times of Despair - Part 1

What is God's plan for you?

Yes, Have Children

If I did not know what I know from God's Word, I would be a pessimist.

Training a Child's Heart

A little boy was riding around and around the block on his tricycle.

Accepting God's Acceptance

I have noticed that there are some people who just can't get an assurance of their salvation.

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