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Playing The Judge - Part 1

Sometimes people want to play "The Judge." When husbands and wives get into an argument, there's one who may assume the position of "judge."

Watch Your Words

Your tongue can get you into a lot of trouble. There's nothing that can do more damage to your marriage than your words.

Cast Your Burden on the Lord

Friend, if you can trust Jesus to save you from hell, then why can't you trust Him to carry your burdens?

Bearing the Yoke In Your Youth - Part 1

Don't ever get the idea that children should not have to work when they are children.

Your Burden at the Master's Feet

God may have given you a burden because He can't get your attention.

How Is Jesus Coming?

Our Lord is coming as a thief in the night. You say, "So, why has Jesus not yet come?"

Living and Dying for Your Wife

When the Bible says you are to love your wife as Christ loved the church what it literally means is this.

More Than Any Other Person

Your wife must know that she comes before the children and before your own mother and father.

God Blesses Faithful Dads

I want you to see what Psalm 128 has to say about fatherhood.

Loving As Christ Loved

Do you know what most marriages need? Two funerals and a wedding - where the husband and wife both die, and then they marry one another.

The Liberal Lie

We have a generation today that hardly knows in what direction it is going and I label the root of all of this "liberalism."

Training Up a Child

Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

The Most Damaging Sin

Now homes today are under attack as never before.

The Divine Home

The Bible says that your home cannot, will not, and shall not be built by human ingenuity, wit, and wisdom.

The Supreme Relationship

Marriage is not a 90-day contract or a 90-day option. It is a lifetime contract.

Why The Home?

The homes of America are under attack. That is obvious.

Men and Women's Deepest Needs

There's a difference between lovers and achievers. Women are lovers, men are achievers.

How To Win Your Husband To Christ

Today's treasure is for the married ladies who might have an unsaved husband.

A Woman's Beautiful Spirit

Some people say that women are not to fix their hair, or wear gold or make-up.

Men Should Lead by Love

Do you know what the word "love" means?

The Headship of the Family

Years ago, I was a quarterback on my high school football team.

Equal But Not The Same

Women are to have an attitude of submission. What do you think about that?

Bearing The Yoke In Your Youth

Let children work so when they play, their play will be a whole lot sweeter.

The Duty of Work and Labor

What's wrong with this generation? They simply don't know the responsibility of honest work & hard labor.

Gambling - The Spirit of Thievery

Gambling is morally wrong. Why? Because nobody wins at gambling without somebody else losing.

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