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Satan and Superficial Churches

If you are a member of a church that doubts the Word of God, you need to saturate that church with your absence.

Obedient Christians

God has given you a command to share with others about the message of salvation made possible by His Son.

No Power for Rebels

You will never know the release of the Spirit until you know the restraint of the Spirit. God gives the Holy Spirit to those that obey Him.

God Has Given You a Choice

God is all-powerful & all-loving, but God has given man a choice. You can choose to obey or you can choose to disobey.

The Ministry of Prayer

Prayer is not getting ready to serve. Prayer is service.

A Ministry of Encouragement

In 1917, the bishops of the Orthodox Church in Russia were having a heated debate.

Love and Serve One Another

I thank God for the Salvation Army that William Booth started with the poor in London.

Encourage One Another

If you are a strong Christian, you are to encourage the weak Christian.

Don't Be Ashamed to Be a Soul Winner

If you are not endeavoring to bring men, women, boys & girls to Jesus Christ, you are not right with God.

Later Than You Think

It is tragic that there is not only anarchy in the world and apostasy in the church, but there is also apathy in the pew.

Changing Public Opinion

America's government is a republic, a representative rule by law. America's government is also based upon public opinion.

Dare Not Be Silent

We are to praise our country when it does right. We are to preach to our country when it does wrong. God's people dare not be silent.


There are those who don't want us to wave a flag. There are those who don't want us to love America. Why?

Protect the Weaker Vessel

When the Bible instructs husbands to protect their wives because they are the weaker vessels, this doesn't mean that they are inferior vessels.

Willing to Die for Your Wife

God is calling every husband to die to his ego, pride, ambition, and anything else about himself that he places above his wife.

The Home Needs a Head

Headship does not have anything to do with inferiority. It is simply that the home needs a head.

Servant Leadership of the Husband

Did you know that God held Adam responsible for Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden?

Things That Cancer Cannot Do

Nothing has ever been written in all of literature more glorious than this,

All of Me

Does God have all of you?

A Living Sacrifice

Are you willing to present yourself as a living sacrifice to God today?

Praying In Emotions or In the Name of Jesus

Have you ever wakened in the morning and did not feel like praying?

Worship - Finding the Will of God

Do you know why we don't know what's going on in heaven?

Prayer - Finding the Will of God

People want to know what the world is coming to. It is coming to Jesus. It is all created for Him.

The Power of Creation

People want to know what the world is coming to. It is coming to Jesus. It is all created for Him.

Faith Comes by Hearing

Every one of us has faith in the natural realm.

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