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Obeying the Light

God gives you truth. You believe that truth, God gives you more truth. The more you obey the light, the more light you will get.

The Most Important Thing

If you are a parent, do your children believe that the most important thing to you is God?

Sin Can't Win And Faith Can't Fail

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

Training Versus Teaching Children

Sometimes people spend more time training their dogs than they do their children.

God's Protection, Not Pampering

God will protect you, but He will not pamper you.

God Wants to Walk with You

I love Micah 6:8. It is one of the greatest verses in all of the Old Testament.

Forgiveness Costs

To forgive literally means to release a debt.

Be Natural In Worship

Sometimes, we come to church and we act differently at church.

If Jesus Is Not Lord, He Is Not Savior

If Jesus Christ is not your Lord, then He is not your Savior. You don't pick and choose what you want of Jesus.

Why Is Jesus Waiting

Why hasn't Jesus come in our day and in our age?

God Rejects Self-Righteousness

God demands perfection, and we simply can't supply it.

The Worst Form of Badness

Salvation is not a reward for the righteous. It is a gift for the guilty.

Marriage Is a Lifetime Contract

When you get married, it is a lifetime contract, not an optional one.

Praying for Your Children

If you ask God to give you a child, and He does, then your prayers must follow that child.

Peter Forgiven

Peter cursed and denied Jesus. Can you imagine anything worse?

Humbled In Affliction

Even the sorrowful things in our lives work together for our good.

The Definition of a Friend

An English publication had a contest for the definition of a friend.

Sinning Retail & Confessing Wholesale

The reason many of us never experience the peace of God is because we like to sin retail and confess wholesale.

The Transformation Business

Jesus is in the transformation business. He is transforming people like me, like you.

Your Soul is Eternal

Have you ever thought about the worth of your soul or how long your soul will last?

Satisfaction in the Lord

If you could gain the whole world and if you could keep it, I guarantee it would not satisfy you.

Teach the Ten Commandments

God has given us the Ten Commandments as tracks to run on. If you are a parent, you need to be teaching your children the Ten Commandments.

Laboring in Prayer

Do you know that it takes energy to pray?

Being Sure of Salvation - Part 1

If you think you're going to get to heaven by your good works, I'll guarantee you, you will never be sure. You will always be wondering, "Have I done enough?"

The Peace of God

Stuff cannot fill the longing of your heart. You need Jesus. If you have Jesus, you have the peace of God that passes understanding.

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