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Divorce Is Not the End

If you've been divorced; you are not a second-class citizen.

Sex is God's Gift

Marriage is a romance in which both the hero and the heroine die in the first chapter, and a new person comes into being.

Prosperity is Posterity

What are you leaving behind in the hearts and lives of those you care about?

Your Personal Value

You cannot measure worth by money. Godliness is worth more than a bank account.

Abusing The Body - Part 2

Did you know that your body is a servant?

Dedicating Our Bodies to God

Our bodies do not belong to us, they are to be dedicated to God.

A Merry Heart Is Medicine

Did you know that laughter is like medicine?

Leisure Time... a Necessity

Leisure time is something you give yourself because you need it and God wants you to have it.

Witnessing Through Laughter

Humor is a way of saying "I am not ok, and you're not ok, but that's ok. God loves us anyway!

Pride Produces Ruin

Do you know why many are in financial ruin?

Why Friendship?

Ask yourself this question, "Am I a better person because of this friend?"

Point the Devil to the Word of God

A young man went to a Bible crusade and the preacher was preaching from John 5:24

God May Hurt, But Never Harm You

God will hurt you, but God will not harm you. Do you like that idea?

God's Protective Angels

God will protect you, but He will not pamper you.

God Uses Broken Things

Men throw away broken things, but God never ever uses anything until He first breaks it.

What Is Your Name?

God will break you, but He desires to bless you.

Trying, Not Trusting For Blessing

Now if ever there was a guy that was shady, it was old Jacob.

God Gave Children a Will

We cannot always choose for our children because God has given your children a will.

Make a Leap of Faith

There comes a time when you have to make a leap of faith. Faith goes beyond logic.

Lay Aside Every Weight

Many of us are carrying extra weight. The Bible says we are to lay aside every weight.

Faith Is the Heart's Response to God's Character

What is faith? Faith is the heart's response to the character of God.

Profit In All Labor

Some people think that work is the punishment for sin. Let's set the record straight.

Serving God Full Time

Have you ever thought: "What I would really like to do is get out of this job and serve God full time."?

Every Child Is An Individual

Have you ever seen a bow? It has a natural bend in it.

Finding Christ At An Early Age

Is it wrong to lead a child to Christ?

Read of lives transformed by Adrian Rogers' plea of Come to Jesus.
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