Daily Treasures Archive

A Woman's Beautiful Spirit

Some people say that women are not to fix their hair, or wear gold or make-up.

Men Should Lead by Love

Do you know what the word "love" means?

The Headship of the Family

Years ago, I was a quarterback on my high school football team.

Equal But Not The Same

Women are to have an attitude of submission. What do you think about that?

Bearing The Yoke In Your Youth

Let children work so when they play, their play will be a whole lot sweeter.

The Duty of Work and Labor

What's wrong with this generation? They simply don't know the responsibility of honest work & hard labor.

Gambling - The Spirit of Thievery

Gambling is morally wrong. Why? Because nobody wins at gambling without somebody else losing.

Half-Hearted Work

If you don't fear God enough to give an honest day's work, you have broken the commandment that says "Thou shalt not steal."

A Sin Against the Nation

Adultery is a sin against one's self. It's a sin against one's home. It's a sin against one's nation.

A Sin Against the Home

There is no sin that will do you more personal damage spiritually, mentally, and physically than sexual immorality.

Til Death Do Us Part

People who stay married and people who get divorced have basically the same kinds of problems. The difference is in commitment.

How to Keep the Lord's Day

Ask the Lord, how can I honor You on this day? How can I take this day and give You glory? How can I give You reverence?

The Old and New Testament Sabbath

The Old Testament Sabbath has been transformed and fulfilled in the New Testament Sabbath.

Taking God's Name in Frivolity

Profanity is one way you can take God's name in vain, but I'll tell you another way, and that's frivolity.

Giving Thanks For All Things - Part 2

Have you ever felt like not praying when you woke up in the morning?

Giving Thanks Always

Know what the secret of a happy and productive life is?

Give Your Testimony to the Devil

Where should you give your testimony? You should give your testimony to the devil.

Beggars before God

Jesus said that beggars are blessed. Now, who are these blessed beggars?

A Cheerful Countenance

When you dress up in the morning, don't forget to put on a smile and don't be ashamed of your sense of humor!

A Gentle Leader

Why is it that we sometimes are the most unkind to those we love the best?

Jesus Only

Scientists are trying to figure out the reason for creation.

Grateful When Others Are Blessed

We need to love others sincerely & rejoice when God blesses them. Somebody else's blessing is not your loss.

Obeying the Light

God gives you truth. You believe that truth, God gives you more truth. The more you obey the light, the more light you will get.

The Most Important Thing

If you are a parent, do your children believe that the most important thing to you is God?

Don't Be Afraid

Fear suits you for failure. Faith suits you for triumph.

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