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Why I Am Pro-Life

Does the Bible say anything about abortion?

How To Make Sense Out Of Suffering - Part 2

Are you dealing with life's hardest questions?

How To Make Sense Out Of Suffering - Part 1

Are you dealing with life's hardest questions?

How Can I Conquer Temptation?

You've heard the old joke, "I can handle anything but temptation." But there's nothing funny about finding yourself battling temptation--and losing.

What IS The Unpardonable Sin?

Let's clear up the confusion. People can make some interesting assumptions about it. Let's get it settled from the Word of God in our study this month.

A Guided Tour Through Heaven

Since our last study dealt with the subject of Hell, it's only fair that now we look at the other side of the coin.

The Message I Tried To Talk Myself Out Of

Our topic this time is a controversial one.

How To Smile At Death

Death is not a popular subject. In fact, if you mention death, people will change subjects like they change TV channels. Man is the only creature who knows he's going to die, yet he's trying desperately to forget it.

Beyond Miracles

The apostle John had a strategy when he wrote his gospel. In it, he lists seven miracles, which he calls "signs." A sign was more than a miracle; it was a miracle with a message.

How To Have A Clean Thought Life In The New Year

Matthew 5:27-28; Psalm 119:9

Who Is Jesus?

Colossians 1:13-22

How To Have Mastery Over Your Mind

Controlling Your Thought Life

Haunted By The Ghost Of Guilt

Zechariah 3:1-4

Is Your Faith Real?

In the school of faith with Abraham

How To Pray For Friends & Influence People

James 5:16-18

The Judgement Seat Of Christ

1 Corinthians 3:9-17

The Prayer That Brings Revival

Isaiah 64:1-12

It's All About Jesus

The Psalm of the Crucifixtion

I'm Broken -- God Can't Use Me

What God Does With Broken Things

How's That Working Out For You?

Genesis 4:1-8

Working Your Way Into Heaven

Genesis 4:1-8

How To Pray In The Spirit

Romans 8:26-27

Crossing God's Deadline

Proverbs 29:1

When Faith Is In The Fire

Daniel 3

A Lifestyle For The Last Days

2 Peter 3:10-12

Has God Removed His Hedge?

Compiled from two studies.

The Peril Of Pride, Part 2

Proverbs 16:18

The Peril Of Pride, Part 1

Proverbs 16:18

You're Never A Failure Until You Quit

Philippians 3:7-14

Jesus In The Old Testament

Acts 10:43

How To Handle Your Fear

What is your worst fear?

Going Into Battle With A Knife...

How does fasting impact prayer?

An Old Testament Christmas Card

A study from Isaiah 9:6.

How Best To Pray For America

Daniel, the great prophet and prayer warrior, is our guide to how to best pray for our nation. (Daniel 9:1-19)

How To Practice The Presence Of God, Part 2

Can we really be aware of His presence throughout the day and night?

How To Practice The Presence Of God

Can we really be aware of His presence throughout the day and night?

Has The Nuclear Family Bombed?

Why did God give us families? Are intact, two-parent homes unnecessary?

All Things, Lord?

How can we possibly give God thanks at all times? For all things?

What To Do In Dark Days

What can we do in uncertain times when it seems every foundation of civilized society is being destroyed?

What The Devil Hopes You Don't Discover

We all agree that God, the Sovereign Ruler, the Supreme Being, Creator of this world and the universe it spins in, has all power and authority. But does God ever delegate any authority? Would He ever delegate any to us?

The Warfare Of Prayer

You are carrying a concealed weapon. If you are a born-again child of God, it's with you at all times. And you have a "concealed-carry" permit!

Faith Of Our Fathers

If you're a father, yours is an awesome, fearful assignment in our day, because you must lead your family through what I would call a minefield.

Why, God? part 2

It is the age-old question: Why does God allow suffering? If He is all-powerful, if He is all-knowing...

Why, God? part 1

It is the age-old question: Why does God allow suffering? If He is all-powerful, if He is all-knowing...

Christmas Comes To Lo-debar

For a beautiful portrait of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for you, look no further than Lo-debar. This month of December, let's listen to a very different kind of Christmas story.

What To Do When You Don't Feel Thankful

What do you think the hardest command- ment in the Bible might be? Forgive others? Be holy? Be subject to rulers and authorities?

The Power Behind The Throne

How much do you know about the devil? When you hear the word "devil," what picture immediately comes to your mind? They say any general worth his salt studies the enemy to learn his characteristics--his strengths and weaknesses.

The Divine Design

God, the Creator of the universe with its galaxies, its plant and animal kingdoms, molecular biology--all the complexities in our world--would never have formed man and woman and established a relationship called "marriage" without a plan.

The Battle For Your Mind

We've all heard the saying, "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." There's a lot of truth in that statement. Satan is like a saboteur looking for an opportunity to tinker with our minds and our souls.

Winning the Battle for the Home, Part 2

Which do you want more...a holy legacy, this home, or satisfying the desire of the moment?

Winning the Battle for the Home, Part 1

Join us as we continue this study in Revelation and the portrait of the coming King.

The King Is Coming, Part 2

Join us as we continue this study in Revelation and the portrait of the coming King.

The King Is Coming, Part 1

As Christians we frequently hear that we should be living not as if the coming of Christ is somewhere out in the future, but as if He is coming today.

How You Can Have a Meaningful Quiet Time

In this study we'll look at five factors that will help you maximize your quiet time with Him each day.

You Are Selected, Saved and Sealed

For this study, we're going to be in the first chapter of Ephesians. All three Persons of the Trinity are at work in the saving of human souls. They participated in the saving of your soul. Here's how.

God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity is the dividing line between true, orthodox Christian faith and aberrations from the faith.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...Jesus

For this month's "Digging Deeper" study, let's look at a statement by the angel Gabriel announcing the coming birth of Christ.

From Fearful Farmer to Champion of Faith

Have you longed to be a "champion of faith"--someone God uses? What is your life ultimately counting for? When it is over, will it make any difference that you lived?

Head Straight for the U-Turn

It is not our duty to persuade God to send revival. We must meet the conditions for Him to do so.

Will God Remove His Hedge?

Did you know that in the Bible there is a doctrine of hedges? God can put, as He wills, hedges around people, individuals and nations.

Why Should We Love Israel?

We are to love what God loves, and God loves His chosen people. He has made them a blessing that they might be a blessing to the world.

Thorns In a Nation's Side

Judges is not just what God has said. It is what God is saying. Judges has an underlying theme.

Do You Qualify for a "Product Recall"?

What if you opened your church bulletin next Sunday morning and saw this banner across the top: "WARNING: Product Recall--Worthless Worship!"

The Most-Often-Asked Question

"How can I know God's will for my life?" We want to be in the will of God because we know that's where we'll be not only happiest and most fulfilled, but above all, most pleasing to God.

Winning the War Over Worry

Are you worried sick? Why is it that we worry about a lot of things that either aren't going to happen or already have happened?

The Purpose of His Passion

Jesus' death wasn't an accident. Before the world was framed, it was the plan. Have you wondered why His death was required?

Salvation: Yes, You Can Know for Certain

Continuing to Dig Deeper in the Book of First John.

Can You Know for Certain that You Are Saved?

Do you ever find yourself asking, "Am I really a child of God? Are my sins truly forgiven? When I die, will God welcome me into His presence?"

Jesus, the Shining Light

Jesus came to be the Light of the world. Light came into this dark world when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Extreme Makeover, Heaven's Edition

We are destined to be like the Lord Jesus Christ, for it is the Father's desire to make us like His Son.

More Wonderful Wonders of the Word

In this study, we'll discover 4 more wonders of this Book, which set it apart from and above all others.

Wonders of the Word of God

In the great battle today over the Word of God, the conflict comes down to this: is the Bible truly His Word?

Becoming a Salty Saint

Never before in recent history have we seen Christians held up to more open ridicule than in this day in which we live. The favorite sport today is Christian bashing in the media and academia. Why?

When Yardsticks Become Boomerangs

It seems natural to look at someone and make a decision about their nature or character. We all have our yardsticks, the measures we use to judge others. But Christ warns us to be very careful.

Don't Miss God's Best

Many people trust Christ for their eternal destination but not for strength to walk today. Do you know what we have in the Lord Jesus Christ?

A Battle for the Bible-A Fight for the Faith

We are now seeing two opposing world views locked in battle on the world stage. One, referred to as Orthodox, believes in traditional, revealed truths. The other, oftentimes referred to as Progressive, relies on individual experience.

God's Miracle Medicine

Have you ever felt physically ill because of your emotional state?

Cardboard Christians

Are you tired of games and hypocrisy? Our world is looking for reality. Let's examine what a false witness looks at and then the marks of a true Christian.

The Way Home

Second Samuel chapter eleven is one of the dark chapters in the Bible because it tells of the sin of a great man, King David. If you want a study of character, nobility, wisdom, courage, and devotion; you will not find a better man than David.

Too Blessed to Be Stressed

There's a missing link. How does a person stop worrying and be happy? Well it takes more than platitudes! For this, you really will have to dig deep, but here's a few points to ponder to help get you started.

The Prince of Peace

One of the wonderful names of our Lord is Prince of Peace. And Jesus is the key to peace - whether it's personal peace in your heart, domestic peace in your home, or eternal peace in heaven.

A Recipe for Joy

So, what is the secret of joy? Would you like to know more about this "secret" recipe?

First Things First

If you have difficulty living the Christian life, it's because your priorities are wrong. If your priorities are right, your life will be right.

The Power of Proper Priorities (Part Two)

Jesus doesn't desire a place in your life--He demands priority in your life.

The Power of Proper Priorities (Part One)

We all give our lives to something in hopes of finding happiness and fulfillment. But the Bible tells us that seeking God is the only means of finding what you're looking for.

Thorns in a Nation's Side

Who will stand up for right in America? God had rather forgive than judge.

The Battle for the Mind

We've all heard the saying, "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." There is a lot of truth in that statement. Satan is like a saboteur who is looking for an opportunity to tinker with our minds and our souls.

How to Pray for Friends and Influence People

Dr. A. C. Dixon, a fine expositor of the Word of God, said that when we depend upon organization, we get what organization can do. But when we depend upon prayer, we get what God can do.

How to Win the War with Worry

Worry is a serious problem. If you are looking, there's always something to worry about! Jesus warned in the Sermon on the Mount that worrying will distract and defeat us.

The Miracle Mile

Jesus calls us to not only do what is required, but to go the extra mile. How can a Christian learn the joy of the selfless, Christ-filled life in such a selfish world?

God's Design for Marriage

The Pharisees once asked Jesus if it was lawful for a man to put away his wife for any cause. The rabbis had been teaching all sorts of things - even one claiming that a man could divorce his wife if he didn't like her cooking!

The Lordship of Christ

If there were only three words we might be allowed to speak, those three words should be, "Jesus is Lord!"

God's Way To Health, Wealth, & Wisdom

What would you do if you had just one wish? Solomon found himself in that situation.

The Real Thing

True success is not found in money or education. We live in a phony, plastic world and have been lied to or cheated at one time or another. But true success is found in serving the one true God.

Satan's Academy Award

There are so many talented people in Hollywood who are receiving praise just for pretending. But in my view, the greatest acting is not done in Hollywood but in churches.

Foundation for the Family

God has a plan for the family, and divorce isn't part of it. If we are to have strong people and a strong nation, we must first have strong families.

Winning the Battle for the Home

God has a plan for the family, but Satan has our homes under constant attack. A war has been waged on our homes, a war over moral purity and the sanctity of the home. God built the home before He even instituted government and before He built the church.

Developing a Clean Thought Life

Christ wants us not only to behave morally, but to have a clean thought life. It is possible to fight off temptation and develop a clean mind, even in an evil age.

It's Whats Inside That Counts

The Pharisees wanted to go through the motions of being religious, but Jesus said it's not the external things that are important, it's what's inside that counts.

The Secret of Fulfillment

You can know all the facts of history, but if you reject the central figure of history, your time has been wasted.

Bright Lights in a Dark World

In our last study, we explored the fact that Christians are to be the salt in the world. This time we will explore the view of Christians being light in darkness.

Pass the Salt

Christians are the salt of the earth, and Christ calls us to live salty lives so that we can make a difference in the world.

God's Way To Health, Wealth, & Wisdom

What would you do if you had just one wish? Solomon found himself in that situation.

A Foundation for the Future

As we think about this New Year, perhaps you have considered some of these questions. How can I build my life on a true foundation? Just what is the true foundation? Where do I begin? How do I know that what I believe is right? These are difficult questions, but ones that must be considered and answered.

The Lost Christ

It's been my observation that people, rather than being drawn closer to Christ at Christmas, in a very real sense are drawn away from the Lord Jesus. It seems like, in the very midst of the celebration, we lose Jesus.

How to Have Fullness of Joy

A Christian without joy is a contradiction in terms. If you are right with God, you ought to have a continual, conspicuous, contagious joy. I want us to consider how to have fullness of joy.

God's Answer To Anger

Are you ever angry? Unless you have ice water in your blood, the answer is probably yes. This study will show how God's Word teaches us to deal with our anger.

God Will Finish What He Started in You

Years ago, I read the story of a young missionary wife who, with her husband, moved to another country. She looked at the dirty floor in their new house, promptly got a brush and pail, and got down on her hands and knees and began to scrub.

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