Tapestry:  Faith & Forgiveness

“The Bible is like a garment. You pull a thread here, and it wrinkles way over there. It’s all tied together.” —Adrian Rogers

Indeed, God’s marvelous Word is the tapestry enfolding our lives. These words from Adrian Rogers became part of the inspiration for the Tapestry series of devotional journals. “As a young man,” he once said, “I struggled and failed. I rode a spiritual roller coaster, sometimes up, sometimes down. Sometimes I wondered if I’d been saved at all. But then I began to study the Bible. When I learned its truths, my life was transformed—not by resolution, emotion, or determination, but by God’s Word.”

The Word is our sword of the Spirit, our sure foundation. Studying His Word anchors and steadies us in these dark days.

To help in that endeavor, a new study resource is just now available: the latest in our Tapestry devotional journal series. The third Tapestry takes you through 90 days of line-by-line teaching, a compilation of Adrian Rogers’ finest scriptural insights and wisdom on two key topics: Faith and Forgiveness.

Tapestry uses Dr. Rogers’ simple yet powerful format for examining God’s Word and gleaning Bible truth to enrich your life.

This leather-bound journal is an interactive study tool—each two-page entry asks questions and provides ample room for you to answer, make notes, and express to God your own thoughts and inquiries.

Here’s a sample: one day’s entry and questions—

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Hebrews 11:3

There are things you will never understand apart from faith. Faith is the dynamic of spiritual wisdom. In the Bible, God is not explained. God is not argued. God is simply presented. And that is how He must be accepted—simply by faith: “...for he that comes to God must believe that He is...” (v. 6).

The skeptic will challenge you to prove there is a God. Don’t ever try to do that. The finite cannot prove the infinite. Just say, “Well, I can’t do it.” And as he smirks smugly, you can say, “Now prove there is no God.” Of course, he can’t do it. The skeptic accepts by faith there is no God. All people are believers. There are those who believe in God and those who believe there is no God, but all are believers.

Science is the study of phenomena now existing. Back in the oldest book of the Bible, God asked Job, “‘Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding’” (Job 38:4). No scientists were there. There’s no way they can explain it. How do we understand it? By faith. Some say, “Well, that takes a lot of belief.” Really? Seems a lot more belief is required to assert that nothing times nobody equals everything. That’s what they choose to believe. No wonder the Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’...” (Psa. 53:1). God is the supreme fact, and the man who denies the supreme fact is the supreme fool.

Remember, faith is not contrary to reason; it’s simply beyond reason. To go into the laboratory to try to prove God would be like tearing apart a piano to try to find a tune. It’s impossible...just as it is impossible to have spiritual wisdom without faith.


  • Is the fact that all people are believers a new thought for you to consider? What lessons can you take from these insights to apply to your life?
  • In what ways do you rely upon spiritual wisdom in your everyday life? How could you learn from Job and grow your faith?
  • Are there skeptics you encounter on a regular basis? How could you use the truths here to speak lovingly to those who doubt God’s existence and help them see that they need to redirect their faith?

This beautiful leather journal, a source of faith and inspiration for you or a loved one, makes the perfect gift for a family member or friend.

We pray that as you use it, God’s marvelous Word will be woven into the very fabric of your being.

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