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When The Spirit Speaks

John 16:7-11
(RA-2318, Program: 3517, Air date: 08.27.17)

    1. Truth is of the utmost importance.
    2. Not everyone wants to know the truth.
      1. Some are afraid of the truth.
      2. Some are lazy and will accept half-truth.
      3. Others are arrogant and think they know all truth.
    3. John 16:8-9
      1. There are three tremendous truths that we cannot learn on our own.
        1. The truth about sin.
        2. The truth about righteousness.
        3. The truth about judgment.
    4. The only way we can learn these truths is if we lay our intellectual pride aside and let God the Holy Spirit speak to us about these truths.
    1. Man is a sinner because of what he is.
      1. Ephesians 2:3
      2. We are born with a sinful nature.
        1. Man is not a sinner because he sins; man sins because he is a sinner.
          1. A man is not a liar because he tells lies; he tells lies because he is a liar.
          2. Sin is in the heart.
      3. We are sinners not only for what we have done, but also for what we are capable of doing.
    2. Man is a sinner because of what he has done.
      1. Romans 3:23
      2. Exodus 20:7
      3. Think of the lies, the gossip, the slander, the disobedience to parents, the dishonesty, etc., that we have committed.
      4. There are sins that mankind considers to be small sins, but they are still sins; God does not grade on the curve.
    3. Man is a sinner because of what he has not done.
      1. John 16:9
      2. God created us to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him.
        1. If we have do not know Him, love Him nor serve Him, then we do not bring glory to God.
      3. The greatest of all sins is unbelief.
        1. John 16:8-9
        2. Unbelief is the proof of man’s wickedness.
        3. Unbelief is the sin that will condemn us.
        4. Unbelief is the refusal of Almighty God.
        5. Unbelief is the parent sin.
          1. Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden was, basically, unbelief.
        6. Unbelief is not an intellectual sin; it comes out of the heart.
          1. Hebrews 3:12
        7. John 3:18
        8. When the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin and unbelief and we place our faith in Jesus Christ, then we experience God’s great forgiveness.
          1. Romans 8:1
    1. The Holy Spirit is come.
    2. Jesus came not to heal or teach primarily, but to save those who are lost.
      1. Luke 19:10
    3. Jesus came as our Savior and to provide righteousness for sinners.
      1. John 17:4
      2. Romans 10:3
        1. The world believes that a man is a sinner if he does wrong and that he is righteous if he does right.
        2. The world also believes that if our good works outweigh our bad works, then we will go to Heaven when we die.
        3. But this passage in the Bible warns against establishing our own standard of righteousness.
      3. If we could be saved by doing good works, then why did Jesus die on the cross?
        1. Galatians 2:21
        2. Isaiah 64:6
          1. This passage shows us that even our good deeds, in the sight of God, are as filthy rags.
            1. The word used in this passage for “filthy rags” is the word used to describe the rags that wrapped the leper’s oozing sores.
      4. We must not make the mistake of depending upon self-righteousness rather than Christ’s righteousness.
    4. What happens when we believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ?
      1. He changes what we are.
        1. 2 Corinthians 5:17
      2. He forgives what we have done.
        1. Psalm 103:12
      3. He gives us what we need.
        1. Romans 4:5-6
          1. God puts righteousness on our account because of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross.
        2. Romans 3:10
    1. Satan has already been judged.
      1. John 12:31
      2. When Jesus died on the cross and rose again, Satan’s fate was sealed.
    2. Hell was not prepared for man; it was prepared for the devil and his angels.
    3. God’s plan is to make us more like His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. But when we trust in our own self-righteousness, we become more like Satan.
      1. If we deny Jesus Christ, then we will go to a Hell that was prepared for the devil and His angels.
    1. In the judicial system, judgment immediately follows the crime. However, Jesus has placed His righteousness in between our sin and judgment.
      1. John 16:8
    2. Where are you headed?
      1. Everyone has a destination and is headed somewhere.
    3. Satan has already lost, and Jesus reigns.
      1. Truth is mightier than error.
      2. Love is stronger than hate.
      3. Holiness is higher than sin.
    4. If we refuse Jesus, then there is no righteousness between our sin and judgment.
    5. Do you know Jesus personally? If not, you can pray to Him today by asking Him to come into your life.
    6. Call upon Jesus today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    7. Romans 10:9-10
    8. Romans 10:13


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