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Satan & His Clever Lies

Anybody can tell a lie—yet not be a good liar. But Satan is a craftsman when it comes to telling lies. The cleverest lies always sound most like the truth.  

Now, a clock that doesn’t run is still right twice a day. But a clock that is five minutes wrong is far more dangerous than a clock that doesn’t run at all—it’s so near the right time that it can cause you to miss that airplane or be late for that vital appointment. If you look at a clock that is five hours wrong, you say, “That must be wrong. Somebody tell me what time it is.” But the clock that is five minutes wrong is the most dangerous. And a clever lie sounds most like the truth.  

Satan’s clever lies are diabolical lies. Not only is he the most clever liar, but he tells his lies about the biggest subject—God. Satan wants you to get a wrong understanding of God, because if you get a wrong perception of God, he’s got you where he wants you. 

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